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Afghanistan, Samangan, Cem

Alabama, Mobile County, Mobile

Alabama, Mobile County

Alabama, Mobile, Crichton

Alabama, Mobile


Arkansas, Miller County, Texarkana

Arkansas, Miller County


CA, Fresno

CA, Pasadena

Chardon. OH

Colorado, Denver, Denver

Danby, gr son Jared L 1880

Derbyshire, Derby

England, Avenbury, Of

England, Bedfordshire, Friars Minors

England, Bedfordshire, Little Staughton

England, Bedfordshire, Swineshead

England, Bedfordshire, Upper Deane

England, Bedfordshire, Westoning

England, Berkshire, Faringdon, Buckland

England, Black

England, Buckinghamshire, Mallerforde

England, Buckinghamshire

England, Cambridgeshire, Cambridge

England, Cambridgeshire, Linton

England, Cheshire, Newton

England, Cheshire, Tarvin

England, Cloucestershire, Thornberry

England, Derbyshire, Bohun

England, Derbyshire, Derby

England, Derbyshire, Walton on Trent

England, Derbyshire

England, Devon, Egg Buckland

England, Devon, Ivebrigge

England, Devon, Kingston

England, Durham, Durham

England, Durham, Gainford, Barnard Castle

England, Earl, Bristol

England, Eng, Sussex, Ernley

England, Essex, East Ham

England, Essex, High Easter

England, Essex, Manuden

England, Essex, Pleshy Castle

England, Essex, Quendon

England, Essex, Rickling

England, Essex, Walden Abbey

England, Essex

England, Gloucester, Harescomb

England, Gloucestershire, Boddington

England, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

England, Gloucestershire, Gloucester

England, Gloucestershire, Harescombe

England, Gloucestershire, Staverton

England, Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury

England, Gloucestershire, Thornbury

England, Gloucestershire

England, Hampshire, Isle of Wight

England, Hampshire, Winchester

England, Hampshire

England, Herefordshire

England, Huntingdonshire, Kimbolton

England, Kent County

England, Kent, Badlesmere

England, Kent, Bobbing

England, Kent, Canterbury

England, Kent, Chatham

England, Kent, Chilham

England, Kent, Cranbrook

England, Kent, Dartford

England, Kent, Folkestone

England, Kent, Glassenbury

England, Kent, Hollingbourne

England, Kent, Hythe

England, Kent, Leeds Castle

England, Kent, Leeds

England, Kent, Maidstone, Holliingboure

England, Kent, Malling

England, Kent, Medway

England, Kent, Preston

England, Kent, Stockbury

England, Kent, Thanet

England, Kent, Tunbridge

England, Kent

England, Lancashire

England, Leicestershire, Leicester

England, Leicestershire, Wymondham

England, Lincolnshire, Burwell Castle

England, Lincolnshire, Corby

England, London, London

England, London

England, Middlesex, Hammersmith

England, Middlesex, Limehouse

England, Middlesex, London

England, Middlesex

England, New

England, Norfolk, Diss

England, Norfolk, Downham

England, Norfolk, Elsing

England, Norfolk, Kimbolton

England, Norfolk, Wicklewood

England, Norfolk, Wymondham

England, Norfolk

England, Northamptonshire, Caldecot

England, Northamptonshire, Doyle

England, Northamptonshire, Higham Ferrers

England, Northamptonshire, Irchester

England, Northamptonshire, Rushden

England, Northamptonshire, Stoke Doyle

England, Northamptonshire, Wellingborough

England, Nottinghamshire, Heveringham

England, Nottinghamshire, Hoveringham

England, Nottinghamshire, Irchester

England, Nottinghamshire, Loughborough

England, Nottinghamshire, Southwell, Laxton

England, Nottinghamshire

England, Oxfordshire, Alderbury

England, Oxfordshire, Woodstock

England, Oxfordshire

England, Peplesham

England, Shropshire, Shrewsbury

England, Sir Edmund

England, Somerset, Dunster

England, Somerset, Glastonbury

England, Somerset, Thornbury

England, Somersetshire, Dendry

England, Somersetshire

England, Staffordshire, Newcastle

England, Staffordshire, Ranton

England, Staffordshire, Rounton

England, Suffolk, Belton

England, Suffolk, Edwardstone

England, Suffolk, Ipswich

England, Suffolk, Letheringham

England, Suffolk, Lethringham

England, Suffolk, Orford

England, Suffolk, Stanstead

England, Suffolk

England, Surrey, Beddington

England, Surrey, Croyden

England, Surrey, Croydon

England, Surrey, Hascombe

England, Surrey

England, Sussex, Arundel

England, Sussex, Bexhill on Sea

England, Sussex, Bexhill

England, Sussex, Bodiam

England, Sussex, Bucksteep

England, Sussex, Eastbourne

England, Sussex, Echingham

England, Sussex, Emley

England, Sussex, Ernby

England, Sussex, Ernley

England, Sussex, Ernly

England, Sussex, Etchingham

England, Sussex, Goring

England, Sussex, Hailsham

England, Sussex, Horsham

England, Sussex, Horsted Keynes, Broadhurst Manor

England, Sussex, Horsted Keynes

England, Sussex, Iden

England, Sussex, Laughton

England, Sussex, Lewes

England, Sussex, Netherfield

England, Sussex, Peplesham

England, Sussex, Plumpton

England, Sussex, Slaugham

England, Sussex, St Leonard, Peplesham

England, Sussex, St Leonard

England, Sussex, St. Leonard, Peplesham

England, Sussex, Stopham

England, Sussex, Trotton

England, Sussex, Warbleton

England, Sussex, Wartling

England, Sussex, West

England, Sussex, Westhampnett, Earnley

England, Sussex, Wiltshire, Ernby

England, Sussex

England, Warwickshire, Alcester

England, West Sussex, Earnley

England, Westhampnett, Earnley

England, Worcestershire, Strensham

England, Yorkshire, Boroughbridge

England, Yorkshire, East Riding

England, Yorkshire, Holderness

England, Yorkshire, Selby


FL, Mc David

France, Alsace, Upper

France, Aquitaine, Dordogne, Champagne

France, Aquitaine, Lot-et-Garonne, France

France, Aquitaine, Lot-et-Garonne

France, Austrasia

France, Auvergne, Puy-de-Dome, Meaux

France, Auvergne, Puy-de-Dome, Tours

France, Basse-Normandie, Calvados, Préaux

France, Basse-Normandie, Calvados, Tournay

France, Bourgogne, Bourgogne

France, Bourgogne, Cote d'Or, Dijon

France, Bourgogne, Cote d'Or, Soissons

France, Bourgogne, Nievre, Challons

France, Bourgogne, Nievre, Nevers

France, Bourgogne, Nievre, Vitry

France, Bourgogne, Saone-et-Loire, Sens

France, Bourgogne, Yonne, Auxerre

France, Bourgogne, Yonne

France, Bourgogne

France, Bretagne, Ille-et-Vilaine, Brie

France, Bretagne, Valois

France, Calais, Kalkwell Hill

France, Centre, Indre-et-Loire, Touraine

France, Centre, Indre-et-Loire, Tours

France, Centre, Loiret, Orléans

France, Champagne-Ardenne, Aube, Bar sur Aube

France, Champagne-Ardenne, Marne, Bourgogne

France, Champagne-Ardenne, Marne, Reims

France, Champagne-Ardenne, Marne, Rheims

France, Franche-Comte, Jura, Toulouse

France, Haute-Normandie, Seine-Maritime, Rouen

France, Ile-de-France, Essonne, La Ferte Alais

France, Ile-de-France, Paris

France, Ile-de-France, Seine et Oise, Melun

France, Ile-de-France, Seine-et-Marne, Brosse

France, Ile-de-France, Seine-et-Marne, Limoges

France, Ile-de-France, Seine-et-Marne, Meaux

France, Ile-de-France, Yvelines, Meulan

France, Ile-de-France, Yvelines, Seine Et Marne Dept

France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Aude, Narbonne

France, Limousin, Haute-Vienne, Limoges

France, Lorraine, Reims

France, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, St Quentin

France, Normandie, Vermandois

France, Normandy, Abbey Preaux

France, Normandy, Mandeville

France, Normandy, Pontaudemer

France, Normandy, Say

France, Normandy, Seine Inferieure, Vexin

France, Normandy, Vermandois

France, Pays de la Loire, Loire-Atlantique, Marne

France, Pays de la Loire, Maine, Sarthe

France, Pays de la Loire, Maine-et-Loire, Angers

France, Picardie, Aisne, Vermandois

France, Picardie, Oise, Beaumont

France, Picardie, Oise, Valois now

France, Picardie, Somme, Péronne

France, Picardie, Somme, Y

France, Poitou-Charentes, Charente, Maine

France, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, Bouches-du-Rhone, Arles

France, Rhone-Alpes, Ardeche, Albon

France, Rhone-Alpes, Isere, Anjou

FRANCE, Rhone-Alpes, Isere, Anjou

France, Rhone-Alpes, Isere, Anjou

FRANCE, Rhone-Alpes, Isere, Anjou

France, Rhone-Alpes, Isere, Anjou

France, Rhone-Alpes, Loire, Maine Pays et

France, Rhone-Alpes, Loire, Maine





Ireland, Clare, Connaught

Ireland, Cork, Cork

Ireland, Cork, Kinsale

Ireland, Idrone

Ireland, Leinster, Kingsale

Kansas, Marion County, Marion

Kansas, Marion, Center

KS, Osage City

Louisiana Mississippi River, New Orleans

Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge

Louisiana, Monroe

Louisiana, Plaquemines Parish, Belle Chasse

Louisiana, Plaquemines Parish

Louisiana, Saint Landry, Police Jury Ward 6

Louisiana, St Landry, Melville

Louisiana, St Landry, Police Jury Ward 6

Louisiana, St Landry

Louisiana, St. Charles Parish, St. Rose

Louisiana, Tangipahoa, Police Jury Ward 8


Louisianna, Plaquemines Parish, Venice

Lousianna, plaquemines Parish, Venice

Ma, Cape Cod Sandwich

MA, Massachusetts Colony

MA, Springfield


Massachusetts, Boston

Massachusetts, Braintree

Massachusetts, Charlestown

Massachusetts, Dorchester

Massachusetts, Newbury


MI, Gratiot, Elgin Co On CAN to 1880 Arcada

Michigan > Gratiot > Sumner 1900


Mississippi, Jackson County, Ocean Springs

Mississippi, Jackson, Beat 4 Southwest


Mo, Kansas City

Netherlands, Utrecht, Utrecht, Utrecht

New Braunfels Texas

New Braunfels

New Hampshire

New York State

New York, Easton

New York, Erie, Collins

NH, Claremont

NH, Cornish Flats

NH, Cornish

NH, Croydon

NH, Haverhill

NH, New Port

North Carolina, Charleston

North Carolina

NY, Erie, Collins

NY, Granville

NY, Washington, Granville

OH, Butterworth

OH, Chester

OH, Cleveland

OH, Garlo

OH, Geauga

OH, Lake, Willoughby

OH, Munson

OH, Newbury

OH, Willoughby

Ohio, Chesterland

Ohio, Cuyahoga, Cleveland Ward 20

Ohio, Geauga County, Fullertown, Russell Township

Ohio, Geauga, Chester Township

Ohio, Geauga, Chester

Ohio, Geauga, Munson

Ohio, Geauga, Troy

Ohio, Geauga

Ohio, Summit


Old Bartlett Burying Grounds

PA, Elizabeth

PA, Pittsburgh

Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, Burial

parents 1880)

Rhode Island, Cumberland

Rhode Island, Providence, Smithfield

Rutland Co VT 1880), Danby VT)liv Danby 1860(Tinmouth, Vermont (liv next to bro & mother 1850

Rutland Co VT 1880), Rutland VT 1850 & 1860)(Pawlet, Vermont (liv Danby

Rutland Co VT), Vermont (liv Danby VT 1860-run a poor house)(1870 & 1880 Middletown

Rutland Co VT), Vermont (1850 liv Danby, Danby

Scotland, Fife, Balmerino Abbey

Scotland, Perthshire, Perth

Scotland, Stirlingshire, Sterling


son Archie Thomas Walsh)

South Dakota, Tripp, Stewart

Sweden, Uppsala, Uppsals

Texas Heights Hospital, Houston

Texas St. Josephs Hospital, Houston

Texas, Bowie County, Texarkana

Texas, Bowie, Justice Precinct 1

Texas, Fayette, Muldoon

Texas, Fayette, Precinct 5

Texas, Gillespie

Texas, Harris Co., Goose Creek

Texas, Harris, Houston

Texas, Harris, Justice Precinct 1

Texas, Harris, Pelly

Texas, Harris, Precinct 8

Texas, Harris

Texas, Houston

Texas, Liberty, Justice Precincts 4-5

Texas, Liberty

Texas, Montgomery, Goodsprings

Texas, Moss Hill

Texas, New Braunfels

Texas, Polk, Justice Precinct 6

Texas, San Augustine, San Augustine Town (East Part)

Texas, Seguin

Texas, Spring

Texas, Titus

Texas, Tyler, Justice Precinct 3

Texas, Washington


Turkey, Icel, Tarsus


Tx, Austin

TX, Austin

TX, Brenham

Tx, Dayton

TX, Fayette Co, LaGrange

TX, Fayette Co, Muldoon

TX, Fayette Co

TX, Fayette County

TX, Flatonia

TX, Freeport

TX, Hallettsville

TX, Houston

Tx, Houston

TX, Katy

TX, Lufkin

TX, Mc Queeney

TX, New Braunfels

Tx, Tyler Co

UK, England, Kent, Glassenbury

UK, England, Kent, Glastonbury

UK, England, Suffolk, Orford

UK, England, Sussex, Erme

UK, England, Sussex, Ernby

UK, England, Sussex, West

UK, England, Sussex

UK, England, Yorkshire, Giggleswick

Ukraine, Kiev, Kyyiv

United Kingdom, England, Middlesex, London

United States of America, Texas, Comal, New Braunfels

United States of America, Texas, Gregg, Longview

United States of America, Texas, Guadalupe, Seguin

United States of America, Texas, Harris, Houston

United States of America, Texas, Harris, Pasadena

United States of America, Texas, Parker, Weatherford

United States, Alabama, Choctaw, Township 11

United States, Alabama

United States, Delaware, Sussex, West

United States, Georgia, Johnson, Span

United States, Kentucky, Woodford

United States, Massachusetts, Bristol, Attleboro

United States, Massachusetts, Bristol, Rehoboth

United States, Massachusetts, Bristol, Taunton

United States, Massachusetts, Essex, Cape Ann

United States, Massachusetts, Essex, Gloucester

United States, Massachusetts, Essex, Newbury

United States, Massachusetts, Hampshire, Pelham

United States, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Hammersmith

United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Bellingham

United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Braintree

United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Dorchester

United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Medfield

United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Medway

United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Norfolk

United States, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Weymouth

United States, Massachusetts, Plymouth, Bridgewater

United States, Massachusetts, Probably

United States, Massachusetts, Providence, Cumberland

United States, Massachusetts, Suffolk, Boston

United States, Massachusetts, Suffolk, Letheringham

United States, Massachusetts, Suffolk, Mendon

United States, Massachusetts, Suffolk, Weymouth

United States, Massachusetts, Worcester, Bellingham

United States, Massachusetts, Worcester, Mendon

United States, Massachusetts, Worcester, Uxbridge

United States, New Hampshire, Cheshire, Richmond

United States, New York, Erie, Collins

United States, New York, Genesee, Batavia

United States, New York, Queens, Long Island City

United States, New York, Washington, Granville

United States, New York, Westchester, Purchase

United States, North Carolina

United States, Ohio, Geauga, Chester

United States, Ohio, Geauga, Newbury

United States, Ohio, Geauga, Russell

United States, Rhode Island, Providence, Cumberland

United States, Rhode Island, Providence, Glocester

United States, Rhode Island, Providence, Providence

United States, Rhode Island, Providence, Smithfield

United States, Texas, Chambers

United States, Texas, Fayette, Between Halletsville Road and Buckners Creek

United States, Texas, Fayette, La Grange

United States, Texas, Fayette, Muldoon

United States, Texas, Fayette

United States, Texas, Jackson, Edna

United States, Texas, Lavaca, Yoakum

United States, Texas, Young, Died

United States, Texas

United States, Vermont, Rutland, Danby

United States, Vermont, Rutland, Tinmouth

United States, Vermont, Windham, Guilford

United States, Virginia, Culpeper, Culpeper

United States, Virginia, Madison, Madison

United States, Virginia, Madison

United States, Virginia, Page, District 1

United States, Virginia, Page, Line Run

United States, Virginia, Page, Luray

United States, Virginia, Page, Piney Woods

United States, Virginia, Page, Shenandoah

United States, Virginia, Page

United States, Virginia, Stafford, Overwarton Parish

United States, Virginia, Stafford

United States, Virginia

USA, Alabama, Sumter

USA, Alabama

USA, Indiana

USA, Iowa, Cherokee, Marcus

USA, Kansas, Marion

USA, MA, Norfolk, Mendon

USA, Massachusetts, Bristol, Rehoboth

USA, Massachusetts, Bristol, Swansea

USA, Massachusetts, Cape Cod

USA, Massachusetts, Essex, Newbury

USA, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Braintree

USA, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Medfield

USA, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Weymouth

USA, Massachusetts, Norfolk

USA, Massachusetts, Worcester, Mendon

USA, Mississippi

USA, New Jersey, Closter

USA, New York, Erie, Collins

USA, North Carolina, Surry

USA, North Carolina, Wake

USA, Ohio, Geauga, Chester

USA, Ohio, Geauga, Chesterland

USA, Rhode Island, Providence, Providence

USA, Texas, Chambers, Baytown

USA, Texas, Chambers, Beach City

USA, Texas, Comal, New Braunfels

USA, Texas, Galveston

USA, Texas, Harris, Houston

USA, Texas, Harris, Spring

USA, Texas, Houston

USA, Texas, Jackson, Edna

USA, Texas, Jefferson, Beaumont

USA, Texas, Liberty, Dayton

USA, Texas, Polk, Corrigan

USA, Texas, Rusk

USA, Texas, Titus County

USA, Texas, Trinity County

USA, Texas

USA, Vermont, Danby

USA, Vermont, Rutland, Danby

USA, Vermont, Rutland, Rutland

USA, Virginia, Kanawha

USA, Virginia, Madison, Madison

USA, Virginia, Madison

USA, Virginia, Page, Honey Run

USA, Virginia, Page, Honeyville

USA, Virginia, Page, Little Line Run

USA, Virginia, Page, Luray

USA, Virginia, Page, Mill Creek

USA, Virginia, Page, Stanley

USA, Virginia, Page

USA, Virginia

VA, Page

Vermont (had a bro Mortimer?)

Vermont (liv Bennington Co VT 1880)

Vermont, Danby

Vermont, Rutland, Danby

Vermont, Windsor, Norwich Township


Virginia, Madison County, Madison

Virginia, Page County, Honey Run

Virginia, Page, District 49


VT, Bennington, Dorset

VT, Manchester Depot

VT, Norwich

VT, Pawlet

VT, Rutland Co., Danby

VT, Rutland, Danby

VT, Thelford


Wales, Brecknockshire, Llyfni, Blaen

Wales, Flintshire, Rhuddlan, Rhuddlan Castle

Wales, Monmouthshire, Grosmont

Wales, Pembrokeshire, Carew Castle

Wiltshire England

Worcester. MA, Mendon

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